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Universities / Universities of Applied Sciences / Higher Vocational Education and Training

In the tertiary education’s level, there is a broad range of training courses.
Generally courses are full time. The fees asked at public universities for teaching material and for the semester are relatively low.

Cantonal Universities and Federal Institutes of Technology

Most universities have Law and Economy, Mathematic, Natural Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences Departments in. The Federal Institutes of Technology (ETHZ and EPFL) on the other hand, concentrate on Engineering, Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

The teaching is based on the three-stage Bologna’s model (European Credit Transfer System - ECTS) which consists of a Bachelor level after 3 years. A Master’s level after 4 or 5 years and the possibility to get a Doctor’s degree providing the Master’s level has been successful.

The student’s admission demands a Swiss Matura or an equivalent foreign certificate. The ten Cantonal Universities and two Federal Polytechnics however decide independently which Matura certificate and requirements are acceptable.

Detailed information about the individual courses and the admission requirements, are available on the websites of the respective education institutions.

Teacher training universities

Teacher training courses for pre-school and primary level, last 3 years and are completed with a Bachelor’s degree.
For secondary level 1, the teacher training course is divided in 2 parts (Bachelor and Master). Teacher training for secondary level II deals with specialized academic studies (Master) and educational studies.
The admission requirement for primary and secondary level I and II teachers training courses is generally a high school Matura. For pre-school teachers training the requirements are; a diploma from a recognized Middle school, a vocational Matura or a high school Matura.
Students with foreign high school graduation or Matura certificate, who want to register in such schools, have to contact directly the selected institutions.

Universities of Applied Sciences

The Universities of Applied Sciences offer university’s level education to people who have completed vocational training including the professional Matura. There are more than 200 courses which offer demanding practice oriented training and further education. Candidates with a high school Matura must usually have at least one year of practical experience.

Swiss abroad with foreign educational qualifications should clarify the admission’ requirements with the chosen University of Applied Sciences, since each university is entitled to make its own decisions.

Higher vocational Education and Training

Higher vocational education and training enables professional people, with completed basic vocational training, a specialized and deeper knowhow.

Swiss Federal PET Diploma and Swiss Advanced Federal PET Diploma Examinations

Federal PET Diploma Examination leads to specialized knowledge in a specific profession. The numbers of years of professional experience and the subsequent examinations are regulated by the Swiss Government. Public and private vocational school and representative associations, offer preparatory courses. This professional Diploma confirms the technical qualifications to hold a superior position in the lower cadres.

Candidates who successfully pass the examination (mastership examination) are awarded the Federal Advanced Federal PET Diploma. This represents mostly the precondition for a position in the middle management or to manage independently a company.

Colleges of Higher Vocational Education and Training

Colleges of Higher Vocational Education and Training

Colleges of Higher Vocational Education and Training are directed to professional with a Federal Certificate or an equivalent qualification. They offer training courses (2 or 3 years full-time or in-side training) with high practical relevance and lead to a federally recognised professional college degree. This degree qualifies for demanding professional activities and middle cadres.

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