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In Switzerland, compulsory schooling lasts eleven years and consists of primary school (including the kindergarten) and secondary school level 1. In all the cantons the school year begins in August.

All children, independently of their ability, attend the same classes at primary school, although each individual child's strengths and weaknesses are taken in consideration as much as possible. In the secondary school level 1, students do not attend all the same classes. Almost all secondary schools in Switzerland have different types of secondary education (pro-gymnasium, secondary school, Realschule, Oberschule) or offer a combination of different streams in different subjects


This schooling is compulsory for all children and is free of charge - it is financed by the canton and the local community. Particular effort is put into integrating foreign pupils into the Swiss education.

School admission

More detailed information on the admission is available from the Education Directorates of the canton in which the parents reside.

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