Preparatory and integration courses

In Switzerland there are many courses which prepare young people for education in the shape of an apprenticeship or studies. Many of these courses also give them an opportunity to improve their knowledge of a national language. It is highly recommended to register as soon as possible because of limited places in some cantons. These courses are not always entitled to scholarships.

Integration and preparatory courses

It is often difficult to find a place on a course directly after compulsory education. This is true not only for Swiss abroad but also for many young people who have grown up in Switzerland. There are many reasons for this: lack of linguistic knowledge, insufficient general education, inability to decide straight away which course to take, no places available on the chosen course etc. In order to give these young people more time, many private and state schools offer special courses (tenth year, preparatory professional courses, special levelling and language courses for young people with foreign mother tongue). The offers can vary very much depending on the canton.

University preparatory Courses for studies in Switzerland

Swiss universities are allowed to decide for themselves whether to admit a candidate with foreign educational qualifications and under what conditions. Very often university places are offered to students only when they can prove that they have passed the entrance examination for students with foreign educational qualifications (Ergänzungsprüfung ECUS). There are still some private institutions that offer courses for these exams.

Other preparatory Courses

Some universities and universities of applied sciences, as well as the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology (EPFL and ETHZ) do have their own admission examination and do also sometimes offer the corresponding preparatory courses.

Language Courses

Good knowledge of at least one national language is absolutely necessary for all kinds of education and training in Switzerland. Therefore educationsuisse recommends acquiring a good knowledge of the relevant national language before starting any education. Additionally different language courses are available in all cities in Switzerland. Some universities in the French part of Switzerland, as well as various private schools, propose special summer courses.

Au Pair or exchange year

An au pair job or an exchange year is a good option to better learn a local language and to gain insight into the everyday life style of Switzerland.

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